Bronchitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchi, leading to its swelling and increased secretion of bronchial mucus.

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Clinically, bronchitis is manifested by cough and chest pain. The cough is initially dry, painful, but after a few days it becomes productive, that is, it is accompanied by mucus sputum. When listening to the lungs in such patients, dry (in the first few days of the disease) or wet (at a later date) rales are determined. In severe cases of bronchitis, coughing can cause shortness of breath (feeling short of breath).

Pneumonia is called inflammation of the lung tissue, accompanied by a violation of the process of gas exchange in the affected area of ​​the lung.

It should be noted that with brucellosis, pneumonia occurs in no more than 1-2% of levitra pill. The main complaints of patients in this case are gradually progressive shortness of breath and a productive cough, during which mucous or mucopurulent (gray or yellowish) sputum may be released. When listening to the lungs in such patients, a weakening of breathing over the affected area is determined (due to the fact that air does not pass into the affected alveolar tissue). The general condition can also be disturbed (there may be an increase in body temperature up to 39 degrees or more, general weakness, weakness, and so on).

Damage to the cardiovascular system. Functional changes (that is, disturbances in the functioning of the cardiovascular system that are not associated with the development of irreversible lesions) are usually noted in subacute brucellosis. The defeat of the cardiovascular system in brucellosis can manifest itself: Myocarditis. The myocardium is directly the heart muscle responsible for the performance of the organ of its pumping function. With its inflammation (myocarditis), there may be shortness of breath, increased and rapid heartbeat (especially against the background of fever), a violation of the frequency and rhythm of heart contractions (arrhythmia).

Also, patients may complain of stabbing pains in the region of the heart, which do not depend on the intensity of the work performed or on the position of the body. Endocarditis. The endocardium is the inner lining of the heart, which lines its chambers and is in direct contact with the blood. The endocardium is very smooth, which means that blood cells do not stick to it. The development of endocarditis in brucellosis is characterized by a violation of the integrity of the endocardium and an increased risk of the formation of blood clots (blood clots), which can break off and be transferred to various organs with the blood flow, clogging blood vessels and disrupting blood circulation in them.

The most dangerous in endocarditis is the defeat of the heart valves (their pathological narrowing as a result of the defeat of the inflammatory process), which over time can cause the development of heart failure. Pericarditis. The pericardium is the outer shell of vardenafil heart (heart bag), consisting of two sheets - the inner (directly surrounding the heart muscle) and the outer, which is attached to the surrounding tissues and organs. The main function of the pericardium is to ensure the mobility of the heart during contractions and relaxations, in which the inner and outer sheets are displaced relative to each other.